While focusing on its business development with, the Company also places great effort in upholding its corporate governance standards as the Company believes good corporate governance is an important component in striving for maximizing the returns to the shareholders of the Company.

The Company’s principles of corporate governance emphasize a quality Board, sound internal controls, independence, transparency of information and accountability to all stakeholders. Both the Board and the management are committed to improving corporate governance practices and ethical corporate cultures continuously for the intrinsic value of the Company.

  • Executive Committee

    Ms. HUNG Man (Chairman)
    Mr. LI Yong Jun
    Mr. LIU Hong Shen
    Mr. MENG Jin Long

  • Audit Committee

    Mr. LONG Tao (Chairman)
    Mr. REN Guo Hua
    Mr. CHEN Fang

    Terms of Reference
  • Remuneration, Quality and
    Nomination Committee

    Mr. REN Guo Hua (Chairman)
    Ms. HUNG Man
    Mr. LONG Tao
    Mr. CHEN Fang

    Terms of Reference

List of Directors and Their Role and Function

Articles of Association

Procedures for Shareholders to Proposed a Person for Election as a Director

Board Diversity Policy

Directors of Subsidiaries